ADHD in the News 2021-10-07

ADHD Awareness Month: Advocates urge residents to learn more about the condition

The month of October is ADHD Awareness Month, used to educate people about the disorder and help demolish the stigma associated with it. WDVM spoke with Trina Elliott, who is a mother in Frederick County. She expressed how she is constantly advocating for her son, who has ADHD. [video]

ADHD Brain Training: Can ‘Exercising’ Your Brain Help with Attention and Focus?

Does brain training work for ADHD? The short answer? It may help, but it doesn’t replace treatment. Brain training is the idea that you can alter your brain through a variety of repetitive and frequent exercises. This can involve tools, like: phone apps, computer programs, physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurofeedback, mental exercises, such as sudoku.

Finding the Best ADHD Boarding Schools

While many public and private schools offer support, some boarding schools now have strong programs to help students with ADHD while others specialize completely in students with learning differences. How do parents find the best ADHD boarding school for their child? "You have to start with what your child needs, where your child is going to thrive," says Myra McGovern, vice president of media at the National Association of Independent Schools, which represents both boarding and day schools.

ADHD Persists Into Young Adulthood in 90% of Cases

New findings challenge the belief that half of children with ADHD outgrow the condition by adulthood. Although patients may show intermittent periods of symptom remission, 90% of children with ADHD followed into young adulthood continued to experience residual symptoms, according to the results of a prospective longitudinal study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

How To Successfully Launch An Executive Coaching Engagement With A Client With ADHD

I was asked by the CEO of a pharma company to coach a recently promoted CMO who we'll call Carlos...Below, I share my tried and tested suggestions for successfully launching an executive coaching engagement with a client with ADHD, however, these tips are relevant for all coaching clients — with the exception of the second suggestion, which is specific to neuro-diverse clients.

Gifted children with ADHD, and the challenges their parents face

With the new school year underway, some parents will have a harder time than others because of a little known, but very real phenomenon: their child is “twice exceptional.” These children have both the potential for high achievement (“gifted”) and a one or more disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or generalized anxiety.

How Did Virtual Schooling Impact Youth?

Virtual schooling during the pandemic presented challenges that might have long-term effects on children and adolescents, according to Karen Dineen Wagner, MD, PhD. Wagner discussed findings from numerous studies looking at the well-being of youth and their parents as a result of virtual instruction at the 2021 Annual Psychiatric TimesTM World CME Conference.

Tylenol could be risky for pregnant women – a new review of 25 years of research finds acetaminophen may contribute to ADHD and other developmental disorders in children

Our study, based on an assessment of 25 years of research in the areas of human epidemiology, animal and in-vitro studies, concludes that prenatal acetaminophen exposure may increase the risks of reproductive organs developing improperly. We identified a heightened risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, primarily attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related behaviors, but also autism spectrum disorder, as well as language delays and decreased IQ.

Prenatal exposure to analgesic opioid linked with elevated risk of ADHD

A study has found that prenatal analgesic opioid exposure of 5 or more weeks is associated with a slightly elevated risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children compared to exposure of 4 weeks or less.