ADHD in the News 2022-05-12

ADHD in adults is challenging but highly treatable – a clinical psychologist explains

In the past 30 years, adult ADHD has gone from barely recognized to a well-established disorder with evidence-based treatment options. In my 20 years studying and treating ADHD in adults, it’s been exciting to witness and, in a small way, contribute to advances in evidence-based treatment for adult ADHD made by researchers around the world.

5 Tips for Raising Kids with ADHD When You Have ADHD, Too

Parents with ADHD may worry about their children dealing with similar challenges. But you can teach your kids how to thrive while coping with symptoms yourself.

Telehealth startup Cerebral under investigation over prescriptions for controlled substances

Mental health startup Cerebral is under investigation by the US Department of Justice over its prescribing of controlled substances like Adderall and Xanax. The company received a grand jury subpoena asking for documents from the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York on May 4, Insider first reported.

New documentary aims to educate, reframe view of ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder affects millions of Americans - including nearly 10% of children. A new documentary, "The Disruptors," aims to reframe our view of ADHD and highlight many high-profile people who harnessed their ADHD to achieve great success. Dr. Yamalis Diaz and filmmaker Nancy Armstrong join "CBS Mornings" to discuss the film and what they want people to know about ADHD.

ADHD and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although we have all been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, those with underlying mental health and neurodevelopmental diagnoses have faced particular hardship. Individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) especially seem to have struggled to effectively adapt to the pandemic, showing more vulnerability to its many challenges.

The Unique Signs and Struggles of Adult ADHD

On the heels of the FDA approval of viloxazine extended-release capsules for adult ADHD, a neuropsychiatrist discusses the state of care and diagnosis among older patients.

How Viloxazine Extended-Release Capsules Alter Adult ADHD Care

Theresa R. Cerulli, MD, discusses the known clinical profile and evidential potential of the newest non-stimulant ADHD drug for adults.

These strategies and life hacks can help anyone with ADHD, as well as those who struggle with attention problems but don’t have a diagnosis

Imagine that it’s 4:59 p.m., only one minute before your deadline. You swore you’d never put yourself in this position again, and yet you have. This isn’t your best work, and you’ll be lucky just to turn anything in. What would you do differently if you could turn back the clock? Living with ADHD can feel like this on a daily basis, but it doesn’t have to.

ADHD Body Doubling

ADHD body doubling is having another person around while you work on a task. They don’t have to assist directly; just simply being present could help you start, focus, and finish.

The Link Between Red Dye 40 and ADHD

Red dye 40 is a food additive that adds color to food and cosmetics. Some food colorings, including red dye 40, have been found to exacerbate ADHD symptoms in some children. This article will explain the link between red dye 40 and ADHD, as well as foods to avoid.