ADHD in the News 2022-06-09

Treatment and Management of Pediatric ADHD Over the Summer

In this video, Psych Congress Steering Committee member and ADHD Section Editor Vladimir Maletic, MD, MS, discusses living with, treating, and managing pediatric attention-deficiet (sic) hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) over the summer months. Dr Maletic gives practical advice for clinicians treating these patients and knowledge to share with caretakers.

Amy Licis, MD: How Sleep Issues Impact Children with Autism or ADHD

During the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (SLEEP) 2022 Annual Meeting Amy Licis, MD, MSCI, Associate Professor, Pediatric Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Washington University Department of Neurology, gave a presentatgave a presentationion (sic) titled "Tired and Wired: Sleep in Children with Autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)". In an interview with HCPLive, Licis discussed the data behind her presentation as well as the significance of addressing sleep dysfunction in this pediatric population.

Study finds infertility is a modest risk factor for the development of ADHD in childhood

In a recent study published in Human Reproduction, researchers evaluated the risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in offspring of infertile mothers or those receiving infertility treatment compared to offspring of mothers with unaided conception.

ADHD Can Make It Difficult to Show What You Know

KEY POINTS: The stigma of an ADHD label can affect the perception of intelligence and may result in denial of opportunities to excel. Too often, kids with ADHD are expected to act and perform in school like their neurotypical peers. With ADHD, difficulty paying attention, completing assignments, or following instructions is related to executive function and working memory.

Understanding ADHD and ODD

ADHD and ODD often occur together, but each has its own effects and often requires its own specific treatment.

2 Minute Medicine Rewind: Prenatal triptan exposure did not increase risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in offspring

This study aimed to investigate the association between prenatal exposure to triptans and development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a common behavioural disorder, among offspring. Data from the Norwegian Mother, Father, and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) was used.

ADHD Update: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment Issues

Is it ADHD—or something else? The importance of careful assessment for the proper diagnosis and effective treatment of the third most common mental health disorder worldwide.

ADHD doesn’t just affect young people — and it’s not something that’s just caused by technology

Author Rebecca Schiller had moved to the countryside with her kids when she discovered she had severe ADHD

ADHD: why it can make it harder to keep eating habits in check – and what you can do about it

People with ADHD know how much the condition can affect all aspects of their life – from how well they do in school to their relationships. But many people with ADHD may not be as aware of just how much the condition can influence their eating habits.

Medical biases keep LGBTQ+ BIPOC from seeking ADHD and autism care

Over the past few years, media outlets have issued dire warnings from psychiatrists about waves of people self-diagnosing mental health conditions. They say that memes on Twitter and videos on TikTok cause people to believe they have imaginary disorders, that self-diagnosis causes people to avoid getting real help, and that people sometimes even fake their conditions for attention. While it’s true these platforms can contain misleading information, self-diagnosis isn’t the problem—it’s the deeply pathologizing and insulting way society and the medical community discuss these issues.

Patients Seek Mental Health Care From Their Doctor But Find Health Plans Standing in the Way

When a longtime patient visited Dr. William Sawyer’s office after recovering from covid, the conversation quickly turned from the coronavirus to anxiety and ADHD.