ADHD in the News 2022-11-03

ADHD & the Black Community

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects 17 million Americans of all ages, races, and gender. Many think it’s strictly a problem for kids and young adults, but it affects adults too. Ten percent of school children and four percent of adults deal with ADHD. If you want to learn about ADHD and how it affects the black community, keep reading.

Pandemic challenges compounded work-related stress for parents of children with special needs

Though they're members of the same scientific field, Virginia Tech psychologists Charles Calderwood and Rosanna Breaux usually feel worlds apart in what they study. Breaux is a clinical child psychologist who works with children with ADHD, while Calderwood is an industrial organizational psychologist who focuses on work stress. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continued into the fall of 2020, their worlds collided: working parents of children with special needs had to navigate new environments of teleworking and virtual schooling at the same time.

Hormonal contraceptive use and risk of depression among young women with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Key Takeaways: Oral hormonal contraceptive use increases the risk of depression in females with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Antidepressant Exposure In Utero Should Prompt Early Screening for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

KEY POINT: Antidepressant exposure during pregnancy could be an important marker for early screening and intervention in children.

The great attention deficit: what’s behind the rise in adult ADHD?

No longer confined to “problem children”, ADHD diagnoses are booming – yet it’s a condition that remains widely misunderstood.

Birth cohort study reveals the mental health burden of trauma in childhood

Findings from a major birth cohort study in Brazil suggest that children exposed to life threatening or horrifying events, such as witnessing someone die, or experiencing serious injury or sexual violence, are almost twice as likely to develop psychiatric disorders.

Place of Telemedicine in ADHD

Advances in the Management of ADHD in Adult Population – Episode 4. Psychiatrists share how they have incorporated telemedicine in the management of ADHD in their clinics.

What Do We Know About Caffeine’s Impact on ADHD?

Children and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) struggle with attentive and impulsive behaviors and often experience low self-esteem and performance issues in school.¹ As a result, patients and caregivers may have questions about the ways certain substances might alleviate or increase symptom burden.

Brown Noise and ADHD: What’s the Scoop on the Latest Buzz? A scientifically appealing, but not scientifically proven, low-risk treatment.

KEY POINTS: Scientific theory would support the value of brown noise or white noise for ADHD based on two different theoretical understandings of the brain. Brown noise to assist with attention is generally low-risk, provided it is not excessively loud. Brown noise has not been formally proven to help ADHD, and more research is needed.

Studying with ADHD? Try These 8 Tips and Tricks

If you live with ADHD, studying might feel like an overwhelming task. But trying some new study tips could boost your mood — and your grades.

Cautionary Tales On Job Hunting If You Are ADHD, Autistic Or Learning Disabled

Programs that hire neurodivergent candidates can be impressive and very supportive, or they can go sour and turn into small but mighty performative showcases for businesses that want to promote that they hire disabled job candidates. Here’s how to look for the right program for you and when to call it quits if you feel like you’re being sent down a narrow path that doesn’t fit your skills or personality...