ADHD in the News 2023-02-02

Official end of covid emergency injects uncertainty into telehealth

After the Biden administration announced an end to the public health emergency for covid-19 on Monday, psychiatrist Adam Pruett posted a message on Reddit for telehealth clients: Make appointments now, while they still can.

‘The worst it’s ever been’: mysterious US Adderall shortage puts ADHD patients at risk

When the last tablet of Ritalin rattled softly in the plastic vial, Faati knew that sound meant trouble. The last time, they had run out of ADHD meds for three months and struggled to remember tasks or even tell time at the Washington state cafeteria where they worked. On the day they finally got a refill, they were fired for “performance reasons”.

Interventions for Children With ADHD Might Improve Sleep Outcomes

Behavioral and combined behavioral and pharmacological interventions were investigated for their potential to help improve sleep outcomes in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Jennifer Crosbie, PhD: A Video Game Platform for Improving Executive Function

Crosbie presented results from a small pilot study testing a video game platform for patients with executive function deficits during the annual APSARD meeting.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Promising for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

KEY POINT: Most studies reported preliminary promising results; improvement was demonstrated in the functional domains addressed.

The ADHD self-diagnosis ‘industry’ offering a quick fix that doesn’t exist

When Kim Raine received her diagnosis of ADHD in 2021, she was flooded with a mix of emotions. Grief, for the years she’d spent unable to pinpoint exactly why she felt different from others; all the times she’d lain awake at night with racing thoughts, suffered mood swings or worked all day and seemed to achieve nothing. But there was also, she says, “a lightbulb moment – a sense that, at nearly 50, I finally understood myself”.

How to Counter TikTok’s Mental Health Misinformation

KEY POINTS: During the pandemic, TikTok served as a way for teens to connect with others over sharing a mental health illness. Predatory advertising and popularity incentives drove creation of content that promoted self-diagnosis and misinformation. Parents and clinicians can assist teens who are identifying with mental illnesses with non-judgmental questions and supportive listening.

How To Practice Compassion & Understanding When Your Child Is Struggling In School

Students with ADHD want to do well in school, and most of them put a lot of effort into their work. But at the same time, they must contend with issues around focus, organization, distractibility, impulse control and time management, and their academic workload.

5 Signs Your Kid Is Highly Sensitive, & Expert Advice To Help You Parent Them

Children complain (it's a fact) — from seemingly little things like their veggies touching their mashed potatoes on their dinner plates to bigger issues like not getting along with other kids at school. Most of the time, it's just a normal part of childhood, and while frustrating for parents, it could also be a sign that your child is highly sensitive.