ADHD in the News 2023-03-23

‘This could actually be catastrophic’: What the end of the public health emergency means for telehealth

Over the past few weeks, desperate messages have been pouring into the telehealth company Boulder Care from patients who say a new proposed rule by the federal government could put their health—and their lives—at risk.

A Miami company’s children’s ADHD medicine might not work. There’s a national recall

Four strengths of Daytrana prescription patches, worn to help children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, have been recalled nationwide by Noven Pharmaceuticals’ Miami office. The reason given on the FDA-posted notice: “Defective Delivery System: Out of specification for shear.”

Long-Term Methylphenidate Use Safe for Pediatric ADHD Patients

There was very little evidence of an effect growth or increased risk of psychiatric or neurological adverse events in the methylphenidate group compared with the no-methylphenidate group.

Can pop culture do ADHD? (Spoiler: no) – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

This week Chanté looks at whether pop culture can get the portrayal of neurodiversity right – from Bart in The Simpsons to Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. And why people self-diagnosing on TikTok can be problematic

Untreated Adults With ADHD Spend Longer in Slow Wave Sleep Than Controls

KEY POINT: The duration of slow wave sleep was longer in drug-naïve adults with ADHD than in non-ADHD controls.

People exposed to alcohol prenatally experience significant challenges, which differ by sex

In a recent analysis, researchers found sex differences in the health and neurodevelopmental outcomes of people exposed to alcohol before birth. Male participants in the study, published in Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research, experienced greater neurodevelopmental impairment, while female participants had higher rates of endocrine problems.

What to Know About the Conners 4 ADHD Assessment: The Conners 4 Is the Most Recent Conners Test

The Conners 4 is a reporting measure used for evaluating children and adolescents for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When a child or adolescent is referred for an ADHD test, the evaluators often use reporting measures to determine whether or not presenting symptoms are consistent with this diagnosis. Measures such as the Conners 4 yield ratings that demonstrate what symptoms a client is experiencing that are not developmentally typical.

Research About Trends in Facial Recognition of Emotion in ADHD Conflicting

KEY POINT: With age, facial recognition of emotion among those with ADHD improves.

ADHD and Smoking Cessation Outcomes With Varenicline

Do ADHD symptoms impact smoking cessation outcomes? Researchers performed a randomized controlled trial of varenicline for tobacco cessation in adolescents and young adults.

Adult ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity

KEY POINTS: Recent research shows that adults with ADHD report being subjected to many criticisms, particularly for impulsivity in social situations. The experience of rejection in relationships and social settings is a prominent topic among adults with ADHD seeking treatment. There are some common behaviors associated with efforts to be liked and some common rejection events that trigger hurt feelings.

How To Teach Kids Time Management Skills — And Make Mornings Easier

One of the most common concerns raised by parents of kids with ADHD is how to help them learn effective time management. It’s an essential skill all kids — regardless of whether they have ADHD — need to develop in preparation for independent living.