ADHD in the News 2023-08-17

Daily report cards can decrease disruptions for children with ADHD

As another school year approaches, some caregivers, students and teachers may be feeling something new needs to happen to promote success in the classroom. Daily report cards can be a great starting point.

As the School Year Begins, Families Struggle to Find A.D.H.D. Medication

Parents and doctors say that drug shortages are leading to declines in learning and self-esteem.

Telehealth didn’t drive up ADHD prescriptions at large health centers: study

While the surge in prescriptions for ADHD drugs during the pandemic has often been attributed to expanded telehealth access, new research finds there has been little difference in prescribing rates for in-person or virtual care at large health centers since 2020.

How hormones and the menstrual cycle can affect women with ADHD: 5 common questions

Have you noticed that your levels of attention may slightly change during your menstrual cycle? This may be particularly noticeable for women and people assigned female at birth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They have differences in their ability to easily focus and sustain their attention.

Covid, ADHD, race: Parents explain why they home-school their kids

When The Post asked readers to describe their home-schooling experiences, nearly 1,100 responded. Here’s what they told us.

5 Things Parents Of Kids With ADHD Should Do During Back-To-School Season

These kids have different needs at the start of school — and all year long.

ADHD and Metacognition

KEY POINTS: Metacognition is the awareness and understanding of your own thought and emotional processes. People with ADHD frequently require more time and effort to strengthen their metacognitive skills. Metacognition helps you transfer learning and information to different contexts and tasks. There’s a difference between self-evaluation for learning and self-evaluation for criticism and shame.

Mom of 6-year-old accused of shooting teacher pleads guilty to felony child neglect

Deja Taylor's son is accused in the shooting at Richneck Elementary School.

MiS-C patients more likely to have neurologic and mental health effects: Study

There were higher rates of ADHD, anxiety and depression in MIS-C patients.

Exploring the Overlap Between Cyclothymia and ADHD

Though attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and cyclothymia have some similar symptoms, researchers don’t fully understand how deep the connections go.

Essential Tips From My Son on Surviving College With ADHD

KEY POINTS: The symptoms of ADHD can make adjusting to college life more challenging than it is for neurotypicals. Success in college starts with learning self-advocacy and organizational skills in high school. Reaching out to other students before arriving on campus will ease the anxiety over social connections. Avoiding self-criticism and allowing time to adjust will make the college transition easier.