ADHD in the News 2023-09-28

Scientists find new evidence to explain how we pay attention

Summary: A team of researchers has uncovered new clues about how chemicals released by brain cells regulate our attention span.

DEA Gets an Earful About Telehealth Prescribing of Controlled Substances — Proposed in-person visit requirements raises concern for psychiatry groups

Should the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) require a prior in-person visit before allowing clinicians to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine? That was one of the issues that DEA officials heard conflicting testimony on during a "listening session" opens in a new tab or window Tuesday.

Signs you might be struggling with emotional dysregulation, according to 2 therapists

Emotional dysregulation is defined by struggling to gain control over intense feelings. It's an overlapping trait in disorders like ADHD, autism, and borderline personality disorder. Two therapists shared how to tell if you struggle with emotional dysregulation.

Work Accommodations for Attorneys With ADHD

KEY POINTS: Start by identifying your challenges and what has helped you succeed in the past. Consider making changes to your physical office environment. Uninterrupted "off" work time and more frequent check-ins can increase focus and accountability.

How To Discuss Psychoeducational Results With Your Kids

KEY POINTS: Consider older children’s personalities and how testing information may affect them before sharing. Sharing test information with children can help them understand why they struggle in some areas. Emphasize the importance of effort, regardless of test results, regarding intellectual ability. Help your children consider carefully whether to share test results with their peers and how to do so.

Only one in five adults are ‘recognised’ to have ADHD

Australian ADHD Professionals Association President Professor David Coghill says only one in five adults are “recognised” to have ADHD. Around one in 20 Australian children are estimated to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. A Senate inquiry is looking into the barriers to consistent and timely assessment and services available to people living with ADHD.