ADHD in the News 2023-12-28

The ADHD Medication Shortage: Here’s What Clinicians Can Do for Patients

Drs Bloch and Schepis discuss appropriate prescribing practices and alternate treatment strategies amid the nationwide ADHD medication shortage.

‘It’s been a nightmare’: Lowcountry families struggle in ongoing ADHD pill shortage

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - An ongoing shortage of ADHD medication has Lowcountry families scrambling to fill their prescriptions and get answers. Just a week away from 2024, there is still no reassurance from manufacturers, although the hope was to have brands of Adderall, Ritalin and generic pills restocked by the beginning of this year.

Parents Pass Down Psychiatric Conditions Due to a General Psychopathology Factor

In a new study, children had 8 - 40% higher odds of a psychiatric condition if their parents scored 1 SD above the mean on the general psychopathology. This demonstrates how parents with psychiatric disorders have a higher likelihood of passing it down to their children.

Collaboration recommends changes to development, assessment and approval of mental health medicines

A major group of international experts and patients have cooperated in defining new parameters for the development of medicines to treat children and young people. They make a series of recommendations on how the processes should be improved. The work is published today in The Lancet Psychiatry.

Global research collaboration maps brain development in infancy and early childhood

The brains of infants and young children are in continuous and rapid development. These changes are known to go hand in hand with early life learning and the fine-tuning of mental abilities over time.

Twixmas with ADHD can be a struggle – here’s how to actually enjoy some downtime

We’re all familiar with the post-Christmas lull – endearingly and less commonly known as ‘Twixmas.’ You know the feeling: the festivities are largely over and done with, leaving what becomes a no-man’s-land between Christmas and the New Year, when normality typically resumes.

From Procrastination to Productivity in the New Year: Practical motivation strategies that really work for adults with ADHD.

KEY POINTS: Shift your perspective on motivation and reduce negative, judgmental self-talk. Put the "have-to" task before the "want-to" task and use incentives that matter. Transform procrastination into performance with chunking and game-ifying tasks.

But Seriously, Where Does the Time Go? 8 Tips From ADHD and Productivity Experts To Conquer Time Blindness

Time has been a perpetual struggle for me. I’m always late, and I’ve never—seriously, never—fully completed a to-do list. Something that would take another person an hour might take me three. I pretend to laugh it off as quirky behavior, but deep down, I feel inadequate and, frankly, a little broken.

Understanding and Embracing Hyperfixation in ADHD and Autism

Do you ever start working on a project, reading a book, or doing something that causes you to feel totally sucked in and immersed? Like you could just continue doing that one thing for hours and hours without stopping? That's what hyperfixation can feel like.