ADHD Weekly 2017-06-01

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Tips for Young Adults: Transitioning to College and Work

Is your teen finishing high school and preparing for the next stage of life? Starting college or a new job can be exciting. Both offer the opportunity for greater independence, meeting new friends and colleagues, and learning new skills. It can also be a stressful time for most young people. For many young adults affected…

When ADHD Has Coexisting Conditions

ADHD seldom occurs on its own. Most people experience complex ADHD – ADHD that co-occurs with one or more other disorders that also need to be treated along with the ADHD symptoms. 

ADHD Can Increase Risks From Depression

Join the discussion. A recent series by an online streaming video service, based on a young adult novel, has brought the conversation about depression and suicide home for many high school students and their families. For families also affected by ADHD, this has raised additional concerns for young people struggling with ADHD symptoms and social…