ADHD Weekly July 26, 2018

ADHD on the Job: How You and Your Employer Can Make It Work

Sometimes the key to workplace success is as simple as a few accommodations to work around your ADHD symptoms. We took a look at the law and a few steps that can help you navigate workplace accommodations.

Q&A on Job Accommodations That Can Help You

Job accommodations can be vital for successful employment for adults affected by ADHD. Melanie Whetzel of the Job Accommodation Network provides information on the most common limitations associated with ADHD in this Ask the Expert Highlight.

Why Do People Seek Complementary Treatments?

Why do some people look for, or prefer, alternative and complementary interventions for ADHD symptoms? Some people are dissatisfied with standard treatments, or are looking for interventions supported by their values. The good news is there are several approaches that can be helpful for ADHD symptoms.