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Tips and Resources

New to ADD or ADHD

Learn - Go to the National Resource Center on ADHD to learn about science and evidence-based information about ADHD

Talk to Others - Go Attention connection, our online community, to discuss issues with others

Support Groups - Go to a support group in your community to talk with other like you, hear a speaker or be referred to local resources

Professional Directory - Go to the CHADD Professional Directory to find a professional in your area

School and ADHD

Learning more about ADHD and your child's legal rights at schools is sometimes confusing and overwhelming. Start with learning about your child's rights at school and terms to know. If you have some additional questions or concerns, contact the National Resource Center on ADHD.

The Law - Learn more about your child's rights at school (IDEA, Section 504)

Understand - Learn terms to know

Resources in your Area

Professionals in Your Area - Find a professional

Support Groups - Learn more at local support groups from others like you and professionals in your area

Resources Online/Nationally

Online And In Real-Time - Get your questions answered by experts in real-time and from the comfort of your home

Information Delivered To Your Door - Get informative articles written by well-known ADHD experts delivered right to your door

Conferences - Get up to three days of tips, resources, training and education on ADHD and meet others like you

Parent Training Class - Learn more from parents just like you in a class

Professionals in your area - Professionals in your area who are CHADD members

An Introduction To ADHD Webinar - Learn more about ADHD with this 1-1/2 hour presentation about ADHD that covers a variety of topics for both parents and adults with ADHD

Discounts On Prescriptions/Eye Care - Get discounts on your prescription and vision costs

Online Community - Be a member of an online community

Buy a book (the store is currently in the process of being updated, to get a list of books and other products, contact 800-233-4050)

How to help CHADD and others with ADHD

Start A Support Group - Start a support group in your area

Help Others - Donate to others who want to learn more about ADHD, but cannot afford it

Enhance - Donate to other CHADD programs

Make an Impact - Influence Policy (Advocate)

Speak - Contact your local support group to speak as an ADHD professional

Volunteer - Volunteer for an existing support group

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