Delayed/extended-release methylphenidate improves children’s control of ADHD symptoms

 ADHD in the News 2021-07-15

Optimized dosing of delayed-release and extended-release methylphenidate increased children’s control of ADHD symptoms throughout the day, according to study results published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. “HLD200, a delayed-release and extended-release formulation of methylphenidate [DR/ER- MPH; Jornay PM; Ironshore Pharmaceuticals & Development Inc.) approved by the [FDA] for the treatment of ADHD in individuals aged 6 years and older, is the first stimulant that is predicted to be absorbed primarily in the colon following evening administration without an immediate-release component,” Ann C. Childress, MD, of the Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine in Nevada, and colleagues wrote.