Ask the Expert Highlight: What Do ADHD and Autism Have In Common?

 ADHD Weekly 2018-02-15

Featuring Ericka L. Wodka, PhD, ABPP-CN

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It’s only been during the past few years that ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder have been recognized as co-occurring disorders. Many families, though, already knew the experience of co-occurring ADHD and ASD before the DSM-5 update was published.

How ADHD and Autism can seem to share some characteristics and yet be very different disorders? Ericka L. Wodka, PhD, ABPP-CN, of Kennedy Krieger Institute, one the nation’s leading centers for the treatment of childhood brain-based disorders, presents on the relationship between ADHD and Autism.  

Watch now to learn how families, and others, are working out what it means for diagnosis and treatment for these conditions.

ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder haven’t always been though to co-occur by professionals—but many families already had experience with these disorders as a joint condition. In this special Ask the Expert Highlight, we learn more about how they do co-occur.