Get Tips for Helping Your Students Affected by ADHD

 ADHD Weekly 2016-11-10

CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD has released two new education fact sheets for teachers and educators working with students affected by ADHD.

Providing Classroom Accommodations to Help Students with ADHD provides information on classroom accommodations based on the ADHD presentations of primarily inattentive and primarily hyperactive-impulsive. Suggested effective accommodations that you can implement in your classroom include focusing on seating, assignments, breaks and organization. The fact sheet offers examples of how to create accommodations for students who show a combination of symptoms. Ideas for helping with social challenges are included.

Helping Students with ADHD Using the Instructional Process explains the importance of tailoring instruction for students affected by ADHD. Changes in how you introduce lessons, present the information and wrap-up instructional segments can have a profound impact on how well your students affected by ADHD learn the information you offer. Some tips include presenting information in more than one way, summarizing content frequently and helping students with transitions between subjects and activities. Using the time allowed both in the form of time limits and the amount of time available can help students to better process the information taught.

These fact sheets for educators are available now on the National Resource Center’s webpage.