Podcast: Transitioning Into Adulthood and Managing Your Own Life

 ADHD Weekly, November 4, 2021

All Things ADHD: Becoming an Adult and Managing ADHD

Featuring L. Eugene Arnold, MD, MEd, and Liam Tolbert

Are you a parent of a teen or a teenager who’s transitioning into adulthood? Well, this episode of the All Things ADHD podcast is for you. We gave this podcast over to guest host Liam Tolbert, a teenager who is managing ADHD and learning to be independent.

Many teens with ADHD find emerging into adulthood can be stressful, frustrating, and challenging since most of their lives have been supervised by a parent, teacher, or other caregiver. Mr. Tolbert speaks with Dr. Eugene Arnold, CHADD’s resident expert, about ADHD healthcare responsibilities young adults need to know, understanding and managing symptoms to help individuals succeed, and overcoming barriers to accessing good healthcare.