Webinar: ADHD, Executive Function, and The Art of Getting Kids to Listen

 ADHD Weekly, July 22, 2021

CHADD Webinar Highlight:
ADHD, Executive Function, and The Art of Getting
Kids to Listen

Caroline Maguire, MEd

Sometimes it seems like your child is purposely ignoring you. You’re frustrated and wondering if he’s being stubborn or just selfish in his behavior. Most often, though, it’s neither.

Children develop executive function skills as part of growing up. ADHD can delay some of that development. A lack of development and skills are often at the root of behaviors that look like ignoring adults, stubbornness or selfishness.

You can help your child develop his executive function skills. Once your child starts developing his skills, his successes will motivate him to do more. Caroline Maguire shares with parents how to work collaboratively with their child. She will talk about how to start and nurture conversations with your child, help him learn to evaluate his choices, and how to work together to improve the parent/child relationship. She will help parents incorporate strategies such as reflective listening, open questions, modeling, and self-regulation.

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC, practiced as a social skills clinician at the Hallowell Center Boston before forming her private practice. She lectures and conducts workshops on various topics related to social, emotional, and behavioral learning.


This webinar was sponsored by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.