Webinar Highlight: Getting your kids with ADHD organized

 ADHD Weekly, December 2, 2021

Ask The Expert

All in a Row:
Getting Your Kids with ADHD Organized






Holly Hitchcock Graff CPO, PCC

During the holiday season it can be difficult to keep your home and children organized. Professional organizer Holly Hitchcock Graff offered simple tips to help your children, family, and home be better organized in this Ask the Expert Highlight.

Her tips include:

  • How to keep organizing simple and easy
  • Looking at organizing through a child’s perspective
  • Making organizing into something the family can think of as
  • How making organizing rewarding can encourage your family

Holly Hitchcock Graff is a certified professional organizer, productivity consultant and coach, and chronic disorganization specialist. Ms. Graff enjoys helping others with improving and implementing their own organizing and productivity skills, so they are free to focus on the important aspects of their life. She is the author of Get Organized Today & Stay Organized Tomorrow: 10 Simple Steps To A Clutter Free Life.