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Attention Magazine December 2021

How to Say the Right Thing at the Right Time

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC

Often people with ADHD have a history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Maybe we make a cringe-worthy comment we wish we could immediately take back. Other times we don’t know what to say and we just fumble along. Or we monologue and stumble into inappropriate comments. This history makes us afraid…

ADHD and Social Connectedness

Yuanyuan Jiang and Minyeong Cho


Finding Focus: Attention Training for High Schools

Mark Katz, PhD


Asking Powerful Questions

Ann Dolin, MEd

Applying this strategy can change the conversation and, over time, the course of development.

TOOLS: Teaching Online Organizational and Virtual Learning Skills

Joyce Lui

A new video series describes evidence-based strategies for students with ADHD and their adult supports.

Executive Functioning Support for Kids with ADHD

Jen Dryer and Gabriele Nicolet

Critical “manager” skills can be learned when taught explicitly, methodically, and collaboratively.

Things to Do By and In Early 2022

Scot Marken

Encourage college students and high school seniors who have ADHD to celebrate, reflect, and recharge before next term.

Myths About ADHD Can Cause Our Early Deaths

Cynthia Hammer, MSW

The seven most harmful myths about ADHD prevent identification, diagnosis, and treatment during childhood.

New Research Shows ADHD Symptoms Can Go Up and Down: What Does This Mean?

Margaret H. Sibley, PhD

What does this mean for individuals with ADHD and their treatment providers?

Those Lovely ‘Mones: The Intersection of ADHD and Hormones

Linda Roggli

More than fifty hormones are hard at work in the human body, but to date only a handful are implicated in ADHD.

Optimizing Executive Functions Through Sleep

His nightly struggles caused serious problems with those skills that help one get organized, stay focused, and get stuff done.

Making Things Easier with Tiny Habits

Amy Voros

A coach reveals how tiny habits and behavior design changed her life.

2021 CHADD Awards


Honoring Emerging ADHD Researchers