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Attention Magazine February 2020

Celebrating the 2019 CHADD Research Awards

Zuali Malsawma


ADHD, Bilingualism, and Executive Functions

Lauren Haack and Aya Williams


Creating a Cooperative Environment at Home

Cathi Cohen

As the parent of a child with ADHD, your parenting skills are tested daily. Hone them with mindful practice.

Teach Your Child to Read the Room

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC

Learn what can you do about your child’s lack of awareness.

Homework in the Era of the Online Grade Portal

Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Get the maximum benefits and limit the drawbacks of instant access to your child’s grades.

Time Well Spent

John Willson and Elizabeth Simpson

Find out why summer camp should be a part of your child’s growth continuum.

Camp Can Be a Place to Thrive

Brian Lux

Evidence-informed camps allow children to develop and hone collaborative social skills in a nurturing environment.

The Best Aphrodisiac

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

A new survey reveals how important it is to make the most of ADHD treatment.

The Destructive Cycles that Tear ADHD Marriages Apart

Larry Letich

Learning how adult ADHD works—and that improvements are possible—changes everything.

Music Study: A Dance with Attention

Juliet Aucreman

For your brain’s sake, break down anything you’re trying to learn into smaller and smaller parts.

On the Way to Work

Jon L. Thomas EdD, LPC

Students with ADHD can be better supported so they find success in future employment.

Game-Based Learning

Mark Katz, PhD