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Stephanie Antoine


Contact Name Stephanie Antoine

Self Care and ADHD Coaching for People in Caregiving Roles I offer accessible self- care and stress reduction strategies, inclusive resources for behavior change and support my clients to acknowledge their intersections, shift their perspective, and increase their resilience to toxic and/or secondary stress. I support people who cannot walk away from their responsibilities and need to find a way…

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Coaching Services | Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA

Smarthinking Coach, LLC


Contact Name Marla Baquerizo

Smarthinking Coach is dynamic in its approach by focusing on HOW students learn, thereby allowing students to take control of their learning process to increase self-awareness, personal responsibility, and accountability. We empower students with tools and strategies that support skills, such as organization, planning, and time management that create the awareness needed to become effective and confident learners.

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Coaching Services | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA



Contact Name Caitlin O'Brient Bauer

ADHD Coaching for adults in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. I specialize in working with new moms, women in tech, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Whether you have ADHD or live with someone who does, we can work together to learn how your ADHD brain works, uncover your strengths, identify obstacles, brainstorm personalized strategies, and take action. I strive to…

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Private Practice | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Spencer Chernick, LMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Spencer Chernick

Therapist in San Diego. Services Include: ADHD Therapy, Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling, Teen Counseling and Child Therapist I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego, CA who has experience working with clients of all ages struggling with ADD/ADHD, relationships, communication, grief, life transitions, trauma, self esteem and more. I am incredibly passionate about working with youth…

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Private Practice | Fort Wayne, INDIANA

Sherry L. Cramer

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Sherry Cramer

educational support, case management

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Counseling Services | Mountain Lakes, NEW JERSEY

Suzanne M. Donohue - Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Services

Social Worker

Contact Name Mrs. Suzanne M Donohue

Child/Tween/Teen/Parents~We provide individual and family psychotherapy services/ADHD Coaching/parent psycho education/training and school collaboration services. Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Services works with children and teens and their families on a variety of presenting problems. CAPS- NJ specializes in psycho education and parent training, a treatment geared towards helping parents and their children with attention and/or behavior problems, as well as Cognitive…

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Coaching Services | Toronto, ON | Toronto, ONTARIO

Susan Eiley - knowADHD | Susan Eiley -


Contact Name Susan Eiley

*Offers coaching and counselling services to young adults and adults impacted by ADHD and executive function challenges (grade 11+) *learn to optimize strengths, support challenges and strengthen weak executive skills *services are delivered in person, in group and/or by telephone/electronically and may be covered by extended health plans and OSAP

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Private Practice | Reading, MASSACHUSETTS

Syndala Life Coaching


Contact Name Amy Falk

I work with smart creatives who have SUPER fast brains and lots of ideas and interests, but struggle to get things done. I help people stop TRYing to fit into some mold of “supposed to” and instead, to create systems and strategies aligned with their unique ways of being and thinking. Our partnership helps people to truly see and harness…

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Private Practice | Denver, COLORADO

Stephanie M. Fox, PsyD


Contact Name Stephanie Fox

You may notice symptoms of ADHD in yourself or your child, but are having a hard time convincing your school that accommodations are needed. Or maybe you or your child are struggling academically but are unsure why. I offer comprehensive ADHD evaluations for both adults and children, which include a thorough interview, individually-tailored testing, recommendations, and a feedback session. Brief…

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Counseling Services | Lake Oswego, OREGON

Susan Gulka - HeartWise Counseling

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Susan Gulka

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Coaching Services | Boulder, COLORADO

Space Editing ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Judith Houlding

Space Editing provides coaching to newly diagnosed ADHD folks who want to make friends with their ADHD brain and get over emotional overwhelm. Coach Judith Houlding combines ADHD-specific coach training with Positive Intelligence (PQ) mental fitness training to increase emotional regulation skills, resiliency, and self-confidence. Learn to support your goals with systems and structures that you choose. Focus on your…

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Counseling Services | Baltimore, MARYLAND

Sheryl Jacobs


Contact Name Dr. Sheryl Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in child, adolescent and adult therapy. Her broad experience in psychodiagnostic evaluations, individual therapy and family therapy has included a focus on developmental disorders, such as attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities, as well as assessing mood and behavioral difficulties. She has worked extensively with children and families…

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