Motor milestone achievement and motor development in ADHD: implications for intervention


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End Date December 31, 2019

Primary Contact Jenna Lee, Research Office


Study Details

This is an online only study. Parents/carers of children aged 8 to 16 years with a diagnosis of ADHD are being recruited. Parent/s carers are asked to complete online questionnaires (this will take no longer than 1 hour), and then they have the choice of taking part in some additional parts of the study. Following consent, parents will complete questions to confirm that diagnosis was by a clinician (in line with DSM) and where possible will upload the official confirmation letter/email. Parents will also provide details of co-occurring disorders, medication, school setting and year group. The study involves completing questionnaires about the child’s motor and attention skills. The optional extra parts of the study involved include uploading a retrospective video of the child learning to walk and a current video of the child walking. Children with ADHD will be ADHD-medication free for 24 hours prior to taking part in the study. Where children opt to take part (walking videos), child assent will be obtained.