A Needs Assessment for Asian American Parents Raising Children with Developmental Disabilities


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End Date June 20, 2023

Primary Contact Irang Kim

Email irang.kim@ssw.umarvland.edu

Phone (210) 706-7927

Study Details

The purpose of study is to understand how Asian American parents of children with developmental disabilities (DD) navigate community services and health care; barriers and facilitators of service use; and other factors that may impact Asian American children and- their families of children m Maryland. We target a sample using the followmg inclusion criteria: 1) participant is currently a primary caregiver of a child with a DD (aged 0-18) living in Maryland; and 2) participant self-identifies as Asian-American. We use the definition of what constitutes a DD from a federal definition within the Developmental Disability Act. Developmental disabilities are “disabilities that manifest during the developmental years (before age 22). Examples include, but are not limited to, autism, intellectual disability, ADHD and cerebral palsy.”