Black Mothers’ ADHD Experiences, Attitudes, and Support-Seeking Decisions

Syracuse, NY, multiple: Multiple Locations

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End Date December 31, 2024

Primary Contact Catherine Montgomery, M.S.


Study Details

Do you have a child with ADHD?
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The purpose of this study is to understand Black maternal figures’ decision making for their youth with ADHD, including their experience with, conceptualization of, and support-seeking decisions for ADHD.


Aged 18+; identify as Black/African American; be the primary female guardian to at least one child (aged 7-10) with ADHD who identifies as Black; child must not currently use medication treatment for ADHD; must consent to audio/video recording


  1. Pre-screening and demographic survey (~15 minutes)
  2. 45-60 minute interview (choice of Zoom or in-person*)

*In-person interviews will be in a location agreed upon by both participant and researcher


Earn up to $40 per each hour of participation

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