Clinical Trial of Brain Stimulation for ADHD

Providence, Rhode Island

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Primary Contact Dr. Brian Kavanaugh


Phone (401) 432-1359

Study Details

Parents of Teens with ADHD: Join our Clinical Trial of Brain Stimulation for ADHD

What is this study about?

This study is investigating whether magnetic brain stimulation can: a) change dysfunctional brain dynamics, and b) subsequently improve ADHD clinical symptoms in teenagers with ADHD. Our goal is to develop a brain-based treatment for ADHD.

Why participate?

  • Your child may experience a temporary improvement in ADHD-related symptoms
  • Your child will be compensated for participating in this study
  • Your child may help us develop treatments for teens who have ADHD in the future

Who may be eligible to participate?

  • Teenagers (13-18 years old) who have been diagnosed with ADHD
  • Experience ongoing difficulties with attention or memory
  • English speaking
  • Without medical conditions contraindicated for brain stimulation
  • Able to attend 24 study visits that involve brain imaging, brain stimulation, and cognitive tasks

Study highlights:

  • Every teen receives the treatment, which is two weeks of daily brain stimulation.
  • Every teen also receives the fake or “placebo” intervention for a separate two weeks.
  • Teens do not have to stop their medications or therapies to participate.
  • Teens are compensated for participation.