Effects of culturally responsive wellbeing assessments and referrals for Black and Latina/e/o adolescents with attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder

Chicago, Illinois

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End Date November 30, 2023

Primary Contact Adrian Melendez

Email amelendez3@luc.edu

Phone 773-508-3021

Study Details

This project provides culturally responsive psychodiagnostic assessments and appropriate referrals to Black and Latine adolescents suspected of having ADHD and their families. Participants must be Black and Latine adolescents ages 12 to 17 who have been previously diagnosed or suspected of having ADHD.

Assessment will include a psychodiagnostic semi-structured interview, assessment of developmental trauma and community violence experiences, systemic oppression, community-engagement, health care service use, interest in community investment on wellbeing, value of wellbeing, academic achievement testing, brief intelligence assessment, and strengths-based needs assessment. The parent/guardian will be interviewed regarding current resources used, school accommodations, community involvement, ADHD symptoms and impairment, and adolescent’s wellbeing. The research study will be conducted in-person (at Loyola University Chicago) or through telehealth.