Seeking Adolescents Aged 14 to 17 Years with ADHD-Combined Type and Delayed Sleep-Wake Schedule for Flashed Light Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Los Angeles, California

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End Date October 30, 2023

Primary Contact Maya Tooker, B.S.


Phone 310-825-2701

Study Details

Participation involves:

  • 3-hour initial evaluation involving interviews and questionnaires
  • 7 weeks of continuous sleep monitoring with watch and sleep diary
  • 2 weeks of at-home flashed light therapy
  • Pre-treatment, mid-treatment, and post- treatment assessments, involving saliva samples, interviews, and questionnaires, lasting about 8 hours
  • 4 weeks of flashed light therapy with 50-minute weekly cognitive behavioral therapy via videoconferencing
  • Cash payment of up to $410