The Relationship Between Parental Locus of Control and Willingness to Implement Behavioral Parent Training Strategies


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End Date December 31, 2023

Primary Contact Catherine Drott


Study Details

The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship between individual parent characteristics, such as parental locus of control (PLOC), and parental willingness to implement behavioral strategies commonly taught in Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) (also known as Parent Management Training (PMT)). Caregivers who qualify will watch brief videos about behavior management strategies & answer survey questions about their beliefs and child’s behavior.


  • Parent/guardian of a child aged 2-12
  • Child has disruptive/challenging behaviors such as tantrums, physical aggression (ex: hitting, throwing things), or noncompliance (ex: refuses to follow instructions).
  • Parent/guardian has not previously participated in interventions such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavioral Parent Training, or Parent Management Training.

Participants who complete the entire study will be compensated for about 1 hour of their time with a $50 gift card, delivered via mail. They will also learn about strategies that might be helpful for their child and family, and contribute to the understanding of treatments for children with disruptive behavior.