The Relationship of Adolescents and Young Adults with ADHD with their Treatment


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End Date May 2, 2024

Primary Contact Lucy Barnard-Brak


Phone 806.773.0267

Study Details

Individuals with ADHD may choose not to take their medication (if prescribed) for a variety of reasons. The purpose of the current study is to explore why individuals with ADHD may choose not to take their medication at all or not consistently. This study will survey adolescents aged 13 years and older as well as young adults with ADHD to find out if and under what circumstances do they not take their medication (if prescribed).

To achieve this purpose, three research questions will be examined:
1) What reasons that individuals report for not taking their medication?
2) What side effects (if any) have been associated with individuals with ADHD not adhering to their medication?
3) Does time of day that an individual typically takes their medication associated with their subsequent adherence?