Treating Parents with ADHD and Their Young Children Via Telehealth: A Hybrid Type I Effectiveness-Implementation Trial

Seattle, Washington

End Date December 31, 2024

Primary Contact Andrea Chronis-Tuscano


Phone (202) 922-7044

Study Details

25-50% of children with ADHD have a parent who has adult ADHD, which can make it harder to parent a child with behavioral challenges. This program, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), studies the impact of treating families with ADHD. You and your child could have the option to take part in this research study if you have (or suspect you have) adult ADHD that is not being treated with medication and have a child between the ages of 3-8 years who is at risk for ADHD, or has ADHD and has not yet received treatment with medication.

Eligible parents invited to participate in our project will receive 10 weeks of Behavioral Parent Training delivered via telehealth. Some parents will also first be treated with a common medication for their adult ADHD before participating in the parenting intervention. We will collect information at a few time points throughout the program: before treatment starts, at a midpoint, after treatment, and at a follow-up point. Participants will receive $195 in financial compensation over the course of the study.