Unstuck at Home: Parent Support Through COVID-19


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End Date June 26, 2023

Primary Contact Jessica Smith, Clinical Research Assistant

Email jsmith9@childrensnational.org

Phone 301-765-5425

Study Details

Purpose of Study:

Following COVID-19 related school closures, we received urgent requests from school stakeholders for online access to materials for teachers to provide Unstuck and On Target (UOT) related supports to homebound special education students with ADHD or ASD and their parents, who are suddenly placed in the role of “homeschooling special educators.” In response to these needs, we augmented our Implementation Project (designed to create and evaluate online school staff training materials to support implementation of Unstuck and On Target) to provide families with coaching support and demonstrative videos to help their elementary school students with ADHD or ASD more immediately.

The parent videos will be developed during the first year of this project, using iterative feedback from parents regarding the videos’ acceptability and feasibility. We’d like to collect specific feedback from recruited parents who consent to the research, but the videos will also be available, as they are developed, to be sent to other parents by school educators during the current school year (2020-2021), as necessary. Overall, this year of the project aims to (1) support parents during distance learning, such as imposed by COVID-19 and (2) create a common language across school and home settings to support generalization of the skills students learn in school-based UOT groups when schooling is in-person again.

We are recruiting parents of children who meet the following criteria: enrolled in school in Virginia, 3-5 grade, symptoms or behaviors consistent with ADHD or ASD, English-speaking or bilingual (English- & Spanish-speaking).