Understanding and Responding to Your Child’s Resistance to LearningAsk The Expert

Original Air Date January 11, 2023 | 7:00 PM, EST

Afsaneh Moradian MEd

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Children with ADHD often experience school-related stress, anxiety, and frustration. This can result in homework becoming a source of struggle and conflict. Many parents choose homeschooling as an alternative, only to see their children struggle with certain subjects and assignments. Parents are left unsure of what to do to help their children complete assignments and keep their learning on track. Please join us for this webinar with expert Afsaneh Moradian, MEd. She explains the causes of resistance to learning and provides strategies and ways of communicating to support children learning at home.

Upon completion of the webinar, you will be able to:
• Describe the causes of resistance to learning
• Apply ways to help children complete assignments
• Develop ways to help children to keep their learning on track

About the Speaker

Afsaneh Moradian, MEd, is the founder of MLC Homeschool Coaching+.

After receiving her master’s degree in education, she took her love of writing into the classroom where she began teaching children how to channel their creativity. Her passion for teaching has lasted for more than fifteen years. With over twenty years of experience as an educator, she has worked with hundreds of learners from preschool to graduate school, including students who are wired differently. As a homeschooling mother, she understands the pressure. Through her business, she provides parents with ways to overcome resistance and create joy when learning.