ADHD Weekly, June 20, 2019

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Summer Break, Treatment Break?

Question: Now that summer is here, should I take my child off her stimulant medication? I’ve heard it’s a good idea to let her body rest from the medication but I’m not sure if that’s what is really happening. Answer: There is no need to discontinue ADHD medication during the summers or during school holidays.…

Nurturing Independence in Your Children and Teens

Growing pains aren’t only for teens. Parents can experience the sometimes painful challenge of letting their teens grow up and become more independent, while watching them stumble as they make their first real decisions and life choices. When should you offer guidance and when should you step back? For parents, the growing pains often lie…

Motivating Teens With ADHD

Ask the Expert Highlight: How to Build Self-Motivation in Teens with ADHD Featuring Maggie Sibley, PhD Does your teen struggle with motivation? Most teens affected by ADHD have trouble becoming or staying motivated. There are strategies you can use to help your teens become more self-motivated and self-directed. We will discuss situations such as whether…

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