ADHD Weekly, October 17, 2019

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Medication Can Help Reduce the Risks of Injury

Can including medication in your child’s ADHD treatment plan help him avoid some childhood injuries? Recent research indicates it can, along with lowering the risks of injuries that could land a child in the emergency room. In addition to reducing common injuries—broken bones and cuts needing stitches—including medication in treatment can reduce the likelihood of…

Treatment Matters: CHADD Summit On Research, Health Care Policy

Treating ADHD can add years to your life. But what is the best way to get this information out to the public and encourage health care systems to provide treatment? CHADD hosted a gathering of health care professionals and researchers to consider recent research and to explore initiatives on ADHD and public health.

Managing Stress When You Have ADHD

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and already people are starting to feel stressed about the upcoming holiday season. In some families, progress reports have come home from school and the prospect of helping a struggling student can feel overwhelming. Many families who contend with ADHD symptoms experience generalized ongoing stress, whether it’s a…