ADHD in the News

ADHD in the News 2021-04-22

April 22, 2021

ADHD and Entrepreneurship

Evekeo ODT Approved for Younger Patients With ADHD

Prenatal Exposure to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Risk of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – a Follow-Up Study in the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort


ADHD in the News 2021-04-15

April 15, 2021

Consensus Statement Revises Previous Assertions About ADHD

Study Finds Evidence of ADHD Overdiagnoses in Children and Adolescents

Advances in Predicting and Diagnosing ADHD


ADHD in the News 2021-04-08

April 8, 2021

FDA OKs first new ADHD drug in over a decade for children

An ADHD medication has been recalled after contamination by another drug was found

College Can Really Ramp Up Stress for People With ADHD


ADHD in the News 2021-04-01

April 1, 2021

Mindfulness App Improves ADHD Symptoms in Children and Teens

Managing Sleep Problems Could Improve Overall Outcomes in Youth With ADHD

Late-Onset ADHD: Recent Research and Remaining Questions


ADHD in the News 2021-03-25

March 25, 2021

SNRI ‘Shows Promise’ for Comorbid ADHD, PTSD

Navigating New Challenges in the Management of ADHD

ADHD in Young Adults


ADHD in the News 2021-03-18

March 18, 2021

Adult ADHD Can Mean Fewer Jobs, Worse Pay

What to know about untreated ADHD in adults

New guidelines aim to rectify diagnosis and treatment hurdles for adult ADHD sufferers


ADHD in the News 2021-03-11

March 11, 2021

The Stroud Foundation and CHADD Partner Up to Improve Virtual Learning for Children with ADHD

Dissecting the Role of Sleep Disturbances in Children With ADHD

Adult-Onset ADHD Raises Questions


ADHD in the News 2021-03-04

March 4, 2021

Black, Hispanic, Asian children less likely to be diagnosed, treated for ADHD

Strep Throat Doesn’t Worsen Tourette But May Affect ADHD: Study

Childhood ADHD Increases Risk Of Developing Schizophrenia Or Other Psychotic Disorders


ADHD in the News 2021-02-25

February 25, 2021

Lockdowns Are Leaving Kids With ADHD in Crisis

Pandemic has ADHD concerns up among parents

Research finds college students with ADHD are likely to experience significant challenges


ADHD in the News 2021-02-18

February 18, 2021

The great attention deficit: More parents seek ADHD diagnosis and drugs for kids to manage remote learning

Busting Myths About Black Individuals With ADHD

Diverse therapists provide understanding, accurate mental-health diagnoses for people of color–and more are needed: Coping Through COVID


ADHD in the News 2021-02-11

February 11, 2021

Brain Connectivity Patterns Reliably Identify ADHD

Midlife ADHD? Coping strategies that can help

For many, COVID reveals existing ADD/ADHD


ADHD in the News 2021-02-04

February 4, 2021

Delayed Recognition of Emotions Due to Mind Wandering Among Adults With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Common variants link autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome

Can Occupational Therapy Help People Who Have ADHD?

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