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ADHD in the News

ADHD in the News 2019-07-25

July 25, 2019

Study: ADHD meds bring wide range of benefits for children

School readiness impaired in preschoolers with ADHD symptoms

Recovery From Concussion Longer for Athletes With ADHD


ADHD in the News 2019-07-18

July 18, 2019

Does ADHD affect IQ?

Concerta vs. Vyvanse for ADHD

Can the Feingold Diet Really Ease Symptoms of ADHD in Children?


ADHD in the News 2019-07-11

July 11, 2019

Do American Parents Overreport Symptoms of ADHD?

What to know about ADHD and hyperfocus

North Dakota has the highest rate of young kids not in school. Does it matter?


ADHD in the News 2019-06-27

June 27, 2019

How Anxiety Changes ADHD Symptoms With Age

Study links inattentiveness and bad behaviour in kindergarten to lower incomes in Canadian adults

Methylphenidate Beneficial in ADHD After 2 or More Years


ADHD in the News 2019-06-20

June 20, 2019

No Upped Risk for Psychosis With ADHD Tx in Teens, Young Adults

Adhansia XR Soon to Be Available for ADHD

Telepsychiatry helping teens with mental health disorders


ADHD in the News 2019-06-13

June 13, 2019

Jornay PM, an ADHD Med Dosed in the Evening, Now Available

Are People with ADHD More Creative?

Bringing mental health care into pediatricians’ offices works, finds five-year study


ADHD in the News 2019-06-06

June 6, 2019

Autism, attention deficit result in distinct mental health problems

ADHD Treatment and Subsequent Substance Abuse

Why is ADHD missed in Girls


ADHD in the News 2019-05-30

May 30, 2019

Did Leonardo da Vinci have ADHD? Academics say he did

More evidence needed to inform ADHD medication guidelines

Is Melatonin Beneficial for Pediatric Patients With Sleep Disorders?


ADHD in the News 2019-05-23

May 23, 2019

Teens with ADHD get more traffic violations for risky driving, have higher crash risk

Are Your ADHD Meds Keeping You Up at Night?

New stimulant formulations emerging to better treat ADHD


ADHD in the News 2019-05-16

May 16, 2019

Methylphenidate treatment for ADHD tied to several types of insomnia

Researchers seek how to best treat kids with ADHD in schools

ADHD: Should You Take a Medication Break?


ADHD in the News 2019-05-09

May 9, 2019

Many adolescents have mental disorders at the time of transition into adulthood

For Those With One Disorder, What’s the Risk of Another?

Ecological Momentary Assessment of Patients with ADHD


ADHD in the News 2019-05-02

May 2, 2019

Parents cautious of new FDA-approved device for kids with ADHD

ADHD Tied to Short Stature in Early Childhood

Does Diet Affect a Child’s ADHD?

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