Helping Children Avoid Bullying

 ADHD Weekly September 20, 2018

NRC Video: What To Do When Your Child with ADHD is Bullied
Featuring Anna Vagin, PhD, and Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, Med

Bullying remains an issue of childhood, one that can affect both the bullied child and the one who does the bullying through their lifetimes. Children who have ADHD frequently find themselves the targets of bullying behavior.

Children with ADHD often lack social skills, which can make them a target of bullying. Children being bullied need to be protected and taught proper social skills. School and communities need to respond to reports of bullying and be part of the solution. Communities and parents can help by encouraging children to be inclusive, while also recognizing that any child can become a bully.

What To Do When Your Child with ADHD is Bullied offers some tips and suggestions to help children avoid bullying behaviors.