NRC Video: Getting Help Early in College

 ADHD Weekly, June 13, 2019

NRC Video: Succeeding in College with ADHD
Featuring LeDerick Horne, Special Education Advocate

Is your high school student heading to college this fall? Or are you heading back to school after having been away from it?

Registering with the disability services office for accommodations can be an important step in achieving a college education. LeDerick Horne has advice on taking the first steps to be successful as a college student with ADHD and the importance of connecting with the university’s support services.

LeDerick Horne was diagnosed with a learning disability in the third grade and he is now a poet, disability rights activist, motivational speaker, and education consultant. His work focuses on improving the outcomes of students with disabilities. He is also the coauthor of Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities: A Path to Pride and Success.