Ready for Spring Cleaning?

 ADHD Weekly May 3, 2018

Are your closets overflowing? Does your garage or attic need an overhaul? Have all those dresser or kitchen drawers accumulated mounds of clutter? Where does all that stuff in your night table come from, anyway?

When Leslie Rouder considers all the possibilities, she thinks spring cleaning might seem like the biggest nightmare for someone with ADHD. But it doesn’t have to be. You can successfully tackle spring cleaning projects despite your ADHD. Ms. Rouder is ready to explore some ways to be consistently more productive and get those projects done with you this spring

Her first step: get motivated. Without motivation, many projects or tasks seem difficult even to start, no less finish. Consider all the reasons a particular spring cleaning project is important. Do you need to make more room in your garage or closet for something you cherish? Does the thought of having more order remind you that you can save a lot of the time you spend looking for items that are buried under mounds of clutter? Get clear about the value of completing these projects, how they will positively affect your life, and keep those reasons in mind. Consider making a list of all the benefits and posting it near the project location so you will be reminded of them

Keep reading Spring Cleaning? ADHD? No Problem! in CHADD’s Attention magazine for more spring cleaning tips and motivation.