Webinar: A Family Centered On Excellence

 ADHD Weekly, January 12, 2023


Becoming A Family Centered on Tourette and ADHD Excellence

Monday, January 30 | 7 PM ET


Jane E. Indergaard, NDP, and Jeremy W. Didier, LMSW

Centers of Excellence are established medical programs recognized by the Tourette Association of America for offering the highest level of care and leadership in training, education, and advocacy.

Parents of children with special needs essentially create their own centers of excellence within their families and communities, to ensure their children receive the resources and the support they and their entire family needs. In this presentation, nationally recognized speakers Dr. Jane Indergaard and Jeremy Didier will guide parents in understanding the unique challenges of managing both ADHD and Tourette Syndrome. They will share the best tools, targeted strategies, and parenting approaches to assist families in creating their own evidence-informed care team.

Jane E. Indergaard, NDP, is an associate professor of nursing at Concordia College in Minnesota. Dr. Indergaard is a long-standing provider of education, advocacy and outreach for individuals living with ADHD. She is the local co-founder of Red River Valley CHADD Chapter. She is a frequent regional and national speaker on ADHD and was part of a nationally touring expert panel presenting on the Underdiagnosis of ADHD in Women.  Her current research and clinical interests focus on the impact of hormonal fluctuations on women with ADHD, and the design, application, and implementation of Psychoeducational programming into provider treatment for ADHD.

Jeremy W. Didier, LMSW, LMAC,  is a licensed clinician at the Jordan Psychological Center in Overland Park, Kansas, and is an ICF certified ADHD coach with ImpactParents. She is a nationally recognized speaker, a frequent contributor to respected online media outlets, and is a passionate advocate for adults with co-morbid ADHD & substance use disorder. Ms. Didier works as a mentor and provides support for justice-involved individuals as they prepare to return to traditional society. Ms. Didier also participates in a panel of professional women who provide insight and psychoeducation on the underdiagnosis of girls and women with ADHD. She is the founder and co-coordinator of Kansas City’s CHADD chapter, ADHDKC, and a member of CHADD’s national board of directors.