The Executive Function Podcast

Mark Katz, PhD

 Attention Magazine December 2022

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“If growth mindset gives the vision, then executive function paves the way!”
—Sarah Kesty, Educator, Author


The Executive Function PodcastThe brainchild of educator and author Sarah Kesty, The Executive Function Podcast provides a range of tools, strategies, and resources designed to improve the lives of children, families, and young adults affected by ADHD, executive function challenges, and related differences. This ongoing series of podcasts is offered free of charge.

Each episode focuses on one executive function, empowering listeners with actionable steps for building each skill. Kesty ends with her pep talk for kids and teens, in which she explains the skill and strategy in kid-friendly, validating language. During many episodes she is joined by a guest speaker, chosen for their expertise in an area of particular interest to the audience.

Examples of popular episodes include:

  • “Accommodations for Executive Function” | for learners of any age, including college-age learners
  • “Our Challenges Are Invisible” | a new approach for supporting neurodivergent humans
  • “Brain Stealers: Teaching Kids to Be the Boss of Their Brains and Their Time”
  • “Sleep: A Brain Vitamin for Executive Function”
  • “Travel Tips for Executive Function and Neurodiverse Needs”
  • “Coaching for College Success: Zach’s Reflections and Celebrations!” | Zach, a college student who has ADHD, shares how small but powerful strategies and perspective changes made all the difference for his college experience.
  • “Advocacy for Executive Function Student Needs”
  • “Introducing The IEP OMG Show!” | Kesty shares her tips on how to secure and maintain the best supports for a child with special needs. (A series of other IEP OMG Show episodes are also described below.)
  • “Change Is Hard… and Possible with These 2 Strategies!” | Kesty uncovers what she describes as the two non-negotiables that need to be in place in order to create lasting change, and explores practical ways to get them.
  • “Meds for ADHD: Are They Safe? Do They Work? Explore Perspectives with Pediatrician Dr. Walt Karniski”
  • “Autism and Executive Function” | with guest Autism Advocate Jeff Snyder, an autistic adult who speaks nationally in support of neurodiversity

To listen to these and many other free episodes, follow the show on Spotify: Apple users can find the show at

The IEP OMG Show

For parents and other caregivers who find getting school support through the IEP and 504 process intimidating or confusing, Kesty created The IEP OMG Show. The show consists of a series of episodes designed to help parents better advocate for their child’s needs. Benefitting from Kesty’s nearly twenty years of teaching, the show and its accompanying blog offer several helpful resources, designed to be ADHD-friendly in their clear and structured approach.
Examples of recent episodes include:

  • “What If the School Says ‘No’?”
  • “How to Prepare for an IEP or 504”
  • “Where to Start: SST, 504, IEP? OMG!”
  • “Services Through Special Ed: Academic Supports”

You can listen to these and other episodes of The IEP OMG Show on Spotify or iTunes:

If you want to learn more about any of Kesty’s previous podcasts, or podcasts planned for the future, go to or

Mark KatzA clinical and consulting psychologist, Mark Katz, PhD, is the director of Learning Development Services, an educational, psychological, and neuropsychological center in San Diego, California. As a contributing editor to Attention magazine, he writes the Promising Practices column and serves on the editorial advisory board. He is also a former member of CHADD’s professional advisory board and a recipient of the CHADD Hall of Fame Award.