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Attention Magazine December 2022

The Executive Function Podcast

Mark Katz, PhD


Is Adult ADHD Related to Sleep Challenges?

Yuanyuan Jiang, PhD, CPsych


How to Make Being Social Less Boring

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Principles for Parenting a Girl with ADHD

Stephen P. Hinshaw

A pioneering researcher outlines what the science shows us about parenting practices that can help daughters with ADHD to thrive.

Understanding Emotional Development

Rosanna Breaux PhD

Here’s how you can support your child’s emotional well-being in each developmental period.

Awards Presented at #ADHD2022

The tradition of honoring outstanding service and dedication to the ADHD community continued during the Annual International Conference on ADHD in Dallas, Texas, in November 2022.

Excellence in Emerging ADHD Researchers

Rachel James, MSLIS

Learn about the selection process for the 2022 Young Scientist Research Awards, and then read summaries by the recipients about their groundbreaking ADHD research.

Finding Your Holiday Spirit Through Self-Care

Ellen Delap

Whatever your joy of the season, be sure to add your own well-being to your calendar.

Insights on ADHD and Executive Functioning (A Thinking Impairment)

Jeff Copper

An attention coach shares ideas on how to make executive functioning tangible.

ADHD and the College Transition: Rethinking a Gap Year

Janet Price

Many good alternative options now exist for students with ADHD whose families are taking a good look at whether to pursue college enrollment directly after high school.