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Counseling Services | Fort Worth, TEXAS

Thrive! w/ Dr. Ivi PLLC


Contact Name Marivi Acuna, Psy. D.

Dr. Acuna is a licensed clinical psychologist who has helped many clients overcome various seemingly insurmountable challenges to help them move towards the life they envisioned for themselves. Aside from private practice, Dr. Acuna has worked with clients in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs and mental health centers. She has spent the last three years primarily focused on helping…

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Coaching Services | Wyckoff, NEW JERSEY

TimeWise Executive Function Coaching

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Annika Ahlstrom

I am honored and grateful to have spent the past 15 years in service to individuals and families who have courageously grappled with the challenges of ADHD and Executive Function issues. While I've assumed different roles—from special education teacher to mindfulness instructor and executive function coach—each experience has been bound by the unifying purpose of enriching lives and guiding people…

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Coaching Services | Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Taylor Allbright PhD


Contact Name Taylor Allbright PhD

Hi! I specialize in sustainable productivity and well-being for adults with ADHD. I use non-judgmental, strengths-oriented, and evidence-based coaching approaches to help people thrive. I can support you with any goals that are important to you right now, like burnout recovery, relationships, career, college, grad school, a thesis or dissertation, parenting, stress, everyday tasks, and self-compassion. I draw on my…

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Private Practice | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

The Focus Doc


Contact Name Dr. Dave Auluck, MD

Dr. Dave Auluck, MD is a 3rd generation physician, 2nd generation psychiatrist, a physician educator and is passionate about improving the mental health treatment experience. His mission is to ensure personalized, industry-leading, preeminent care is accessible and affordable. He has worked with thousands of patients over the years and overseen program development for tens of thousands of others. Dr. Auluck…

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Clinic | Minneapolis, MINNESOTA

Telemental Associates

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Gerard Balan

Telemental Associates is a virtual mental health clinic serving all of Minnesota. We treat individuals aged 12 and up who are struggling with burnout, depression, anxiety, or ADHD due to the pressures of school and life circumstances. Our convenient virtual format allows clients to receive medication management from the comfort of their own homes.

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Coaching Services | Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

The Life Skills Spot

Contact Name Maggie Bell-Walker, OTR/L, ADHD-RSP, ASDCS

We focus on building a sense of calm in the body that allows for focus and flexibility and an environment and strategies for getting things done that supports your unique brain. My training in Occupational Therapy helps us work with how your body and brain are made to support you in your life and in building the skills you will…

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Coaching Services | Lakewood Ranch, FLORIDA

The Life Coaching Corner


Contact Name Cheryl Breining

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Coaching Services | Stamford, CONNECTICUT

Trish Broadbent, Psy. D.


Contact Name Trish Broadbent

Certified School Psychologist, Executive Function coaching and ADHD coaching. My role, as a coach, is to work collaboratively and identify overall strengths, and strengths in existing executive functions. It is important to understand the role of executive functions in our lives, at home, school, work, and socially. Together we can build on existing strengths, develop and improve stronger executive functions.

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Coaching Services | Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA

The Neurodivergent Teacher


Contact Name Vida Carey

I am a Teacher and a Coach for the ADHD/Neurodivergent Brain. I never want another person to feel like they are alone and sinking in overwhelm with no true help in sight. I offer several coaching packages and would love to build something to suit your needs. I know all the little tricks to help you work smarter not harder…

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Coaching Services | Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Tasha Chemel


Contact Name tasha Chemel

I am a blind and neurodivergent executive functioning coach with master's degrees in education and social work. I also recently completed a coaching certification course through JST Coaching. I work with adults and college students to find the sources of joy and motivation in their lives that will allow them to be successful, in whatever ways success looks like for…

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Private Practice | MISSOURI

Tara Crowl, LPC, LCPC, NCC


Contact Name Tara Crowl

You’ve been struggling with… well, damn near everything. It feels like you use so much mental energy just to do the basics of life. You can’t focus. You lose your dang phone constantly. You just can’t seem to get it together. And, there’s just no motivation most of the time. You feel like you’re fumbling, stumbling through life. Seriously, is…

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Coaching Services | All sessions are remote

Teen & Parent Success Coach/Family Counselor, with a focus on ADHD , ASD and Anxiety


Contact Name Allison C. Dankner, CPLC, CFC, M.Ed., PSY.B.S.

Allison C. Dankner, CPLC, CFC, M.Ed., PSY.B.S., is a certified adolescent and young adult life coach and counselor and certified family counselor with more than two decades of experience supporting teens and young adults. Her proven strategies help clients deal with such challenges as anxiety, low self-esteem, keeping up with schoolwork, motivation, goal setting, sibling and parent relationships, and emotional…

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