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Counseling Services | Kansas City, MISSOURI

Tara L. Crowl - Board Certified Counselor


Contact Name Tara L Crowl, MS, PLPC, NCC

I am a board certified counselor, a mom of a child with ADHD, and I have ADHD myself. The foundation of good support is an accurate diagnosis. Many are correctly diagnosed with ADHD but sometimes there are additional things going on like depression, anxiety, trauma, shame (almost always), or others. Understanding the full scope of the issues at hand is…

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Educational Program | McLean, VIRGINIA

The StudyPro/Kathryn Essig M.Ed.


Contact Name Kathryn Essig

The StudyPro is a study skills and homework center specifically designed for students with ADHD, Executive Function deficits or struggling to meet their academic potential. Our program helps students build the key executive function skills required to plan, initiate, organize, time-manage and complete their work. While some students come by executive skills naturally, others need support with developing strategies for…

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Clinic | Muskegon, MICHIGAN

Traci L. Jones - Muskegon Family Care

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Traci Lin Jones

Family Practice (FQHC-Federally Qualified Health Care Clinic) - I am a family nurse practitioner, wound care specialist and recently graduated from a MSU with my Doctorate Nurse Practitioner and College of Teaching Certificate. My scholarly project was on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and improving medical providers’ usage of AAP guidelines in practice. My scholarly project for my Teaching Certificate was…

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Counseling Services | Athens, GEORGIA

Todd Love, PsyD, JD, LPC, BCC


Contact Name Dr. Todd Love

Athens Area and Online Mens Counselor and Coach

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Private Practice | Birmingham, MICHIGAN

Terry Matlen

Social Worker

Contact Name Terry Matlen

Online help for women with ADHD.

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Tammy C. O'Neil

Contact Name Tammy C. O'Neil

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Coaching Services | Flower Mound, TEXAS

Terri Osvog


Contact Name Terri Osvog

My mission is to help extraordinary children, parents and adults grow through life challenges associated with ADHD, executive function challenges, and the stress associated with living with ADHD. Family, school, work and the professional partnership of pediatricians, psychiatrists, counselors and other mental health workers are essential ADHD Coaching components. We work together in a relationship to create a positive, healthy,…

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Coaching Services | Orlando, FLORIDA

Team Pasch Academic Coaching


Contact Name Marni Pasch

You know your child is awesome -why doesn't school get it? As a former struggling student, I clearly remember the pain of not fitting a cookie cutter system. But as I tell my students, "If you don't fit the system, make your own!" I received my masters in school counseling, and I obtained my ICF certification in ADHD coaching for…

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Coaching Services | Seattle, WASHINGTON

The How Skills



Are you a professional struggling at work? Or do you have a child struggling in school? Start jobs or classes strong, but can’t keep it up? Getting called “lazy”? Not sure how to study or learn? Procrastinating or not finishing work? Always late or miss deadlines? Having great ideas that fail? Constantly losing things or disorganized? Feeling scattered or unmotivated?…

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School | Miami, FLORIDA

The Roig Academy


Contact Name Jennifer Roig

The Roig Academy is an exceptional school for children from ages two through 8th Grade. We provide young minds with a well rounded, exciting and enriching curriculum designed to thoroughly prepare them for the school years to follow. The Roig Academy celebrates each child’s unique talents, and nurtures intellectual and emotional growth. For over 15 years, Roig Academy has been…

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Private Practice | Westerville, OHIO

Tina Schneider, Ph.D.


Contact Name Tina Schneider

I am a licensed counseling psychologist in Westerville, OH. My work environment is in private practice. I am certified by The Ohio state board of psychology (License: P.07857.) I went into private practice to provide care to patients in my community, to help them to meet their personal goals and succeed in the home environment, at school, at work, and…

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ADHD Products | Leawood, INTERNATIONAL

Tish Holub Taylor, Ph.D.


Contact Name Tish Taylor

ADHD products that include a video series and accompanying pdf manuals related to parenting children and adolescents with ADHD including specific issues with academic motivation and anger management.

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