Free CHADD Course: Navigating College with ADHD

 ADHD Weekly, May 19, 2022

Adult to Adult: Navigating College with ADHD

A course for students with ADHD to learn strategies for their college career

For many students with ADHD, college might be a better match than high school for their interests and learning preferences. Selecting their own courses, spending less time in class, having more free time in between classes, and having extracurricular opportunities can all make college an exciting adventure.

All these same circumstances can also make adjusting to college extremely difficult for students with ADHD. College is dramatically different than high school, with increased academic demands, differences in teaching methods and grading procedures, and fewer available accommodations and supports. In addition, the sudden expectation to balance classes, social opportunities, and being “in charge” of it all can result in students with ADHD experiencing more stress and greater academic difficulty than those without ADHD. To achieve success, students with ADHD can get a head start if they come to college with the right strategies to help them as they pursue their college career.

This free course will explore:

  • Organization and time management strategies to help keep track of assignments, quizzes, tests, and other important events or dates
  • Strategies to help plan and complete assignments
  • How to contact and work with the college’s disability services office to discuss any accommodations needed
  • Tips to establish a routine that reinforces healthy behaviors, while limiting drinking and avoiding substance use
  • How to work with medical providers to find a treatment regimen that is most effective in reducing ADHD symptoms with few or no side effects
  • Steps to take to safeguard ADHD medication and keep track of it