Good Responses to Bad ADHD Myths

 ADHD Weekly October 11, 2018

Ask the Expert Highlight: Combating Stigma and Addressing Myths about ADHD

Featuring Ruth Hughes, PhD

Anyone who has ADHD or is raising children who do, have heard variations of 

“ADHD is caused by poor parenting.”
“Just cut out the sugar – the TV – video games and it will go away.”
“You just need to take a firmer disciplinary approach.”
“Why are you taking medication? Have you tried this supplement instead?”

It’s frustrating to hear these sorts of things, especially when you know they’re not true. Are you looking for ways to respond when people perceive ADHD this way? 
For ADHD Awareness Month we’re highlighting a special Ask the Expert addressing the myths surrounding ADHD. Learn what you can do to combat stigma against ADHD and dispel the myths surrounding the disorder.

Ruth Hughes, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a former CHADD CEO. Before retiring in 2014, she was instrumental in enhancing CHADD’s national presence within the disability community. She had a major role in developing CHADD’s signature training programs Parent to Parent: Family Training and Teacher to Teacher: Classroom Interventions for the Student with ADHD. She personally understands the struggles of those affected by ADHD as the mother of an adult son with ADHD.