Knowing is Better: October is ADHD Awareness Month

 ADHD Weekly 2016-09-15

When it comes to ADHD—its symptoms, its treatment, and how it affects families—knowing is better.

ADHD Awareness Month each October highlights the lives of the 17 million children and adults in the United State living with ADHD, their family members, teachers, and professionals working with them.

This year’s theme, “Knowing is Better,” focuses on what knowledge about ADHD can do for those affected by the disorder. It’s better for parents to know ADHD might be part of the picture so they can seek the help their children need. It’s better for young adults to know about their ADHD so they can arrange for appropriate accommodations in college or their workplaces. It’s better for adults to recognize their ADHD so that they can achieve success in life.

How you can participate in this year’s ADHD Awareness Month?

  • Download the ADHD Awareness Walk toolkit—Interested in planning and hosting a walk for ADHD Awareness month? Use the CHADD toolkit to guide you through the planning steps. From getting started, to promoting your event, to logistics, you’ll find the tools and tips to plan a walk or other event.
  • Attend an event in your area—Wish there was one place you could go to look for events in your area during ADHD Awareness Month? Visit the CHADD ADHD Awareness Month calendar. Events are sorted by state, and new events are added weekly.
  • Share events with CHADD—Did you visit the event calendar and not see your state listed? Share your local events with CHADD and those events will be added to the calendar. To share your events or local events, send an email to Make sure to include the event name, date, time, location, and a link to your page for more information in your email.
  • Share information on social media—Create your own awareness social media campaign. Find sample posts to copy and paste onto Facebook. Use the hashtag #ADHDAwareness on social media to draw more attention to your post.
  • Visit the ADHD Awareness Month website. You’ll find a number of resources, graphics, and information to share for your ADHD Awareness Month activities, friendly emails, and social media posts.

CHADD is a member of the ADHD Awareness Month Coalition, partnering this year with the Attention Deficit Disorder Association and ADHD Coaches Organization.