Planning A Summer Day Trip? We’ve Got Tips To Make It A Good One

 ADHD Weekly May 31, 2018

Family field trips are important, especially during the more relaxed summer months. You and your children have the opportunity to see each other in different roles and in new places, replacing routine with excitement and a chance for wonder.

Some families affected by ADHD hesitate to plan day trips, short vacations, or an afternoon at a museum or the beach, out of concern that ADHD symptoms will spoil the fun. Nothing ends a good day out faster than a meltdown! It is possible, though, to have these short adventures if you do a little planning ahead of time.

Keep reading Yes, You Can Take Family Field Trips…with ADHD in Attention magazine to get tips on:
  • Knowing your child and your family’s limits
  • Keeping it local—find nearby attractions and events
  • Research it first—a little information before going can make a big difference in your adventure
  • Have a back-up plan ready. It could rain, be crowded, or just be the wrong day for your family to get away. Having a back-up plan ready means the adventure can continue.