Webinar: Reducing Conflict Between Parents and Teens

 ADHD Weekly, May 21, 2020

Ask the Expert
Teens and Parents: Understanding Strategies to Reduce Conflict
Featuring Rosanna Breaux, PhD, LCP

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
5 PM

Teens with ADHD experience a host of challenges—difficulties managing their emotions, academic difficulties, social difficulties, and increased likelihood to engage in risky behaviors due to poor impulse control. Dr. Rosanna Breaux will provide parents with an understanding of some reasons why family conflict is often common during adolescence, and particularly among families of teens with ADHD. She will offer parents strategies that could help their teens better manage emotions and help families to avoid conflict.

Rosanna Breaux, PhD, LCP, focuses her research on the emotional and social functioning of children and adolescents with ADHD. She is also interested in understanding the role parents play in shaping children and adolescent’s social and emotional development. Dr. Breaux utilizes a multi-method assessment of emotional development, including behavioral ratings, behavioral observations, and psychophysiological measures of ANS activity. Additionally, Dr. Breaux is working to evaluate and disseminate the RELAX intervention for adolescents with ADHD which targets emotion dysregulation and family conflict.