Tips to Help You Succeed at Work

 ADHD Weekly 2017-04-13

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This is the first in our ongoing series on Tips for the Workplace. Check with us each week for more Life Tips.

Managing your ADHD symptoms at work—and managing to get work done despite those symptoms—can be a challenge. Regardless of your occupation, there are deadlines, meetings, and tasks that require attention to detail, utilizing your working memory, and time management skills. Identifying your personal difficulties and then developing workplace “hacks” to meet them can help ensure your success.

“The greatest misconception is that ADHD at work is all negative,” clinical psychologist and author Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, tells Psychology Today. “In fact, if adults with ADHD truly understand themselves and their brains, and plant themselves in the right spot, they can be extraordinarily successful at work.”

Workplace “hacks” to try

What can you do to make your work day go more smoothly? Try these tips: