Were You Aware … of ADHD Strengths and Rights?

 ADHD Weekly 2017-10-19

People with ADHD are more likely to be:

  • Creative
  • Imaginative 
  • Inventive 
  • Energetic 
  • Spontaneous
  • Persistent
  • Curious 
  • Eager
  • Insightful

But those attributes cannot thrive in some environments. Some aspects of typical classrooms or workplace settings can be anathema, or strongly disliked, to people with ADHD, who may have issues of distractibility or poor organizational skills. However:

So know your strengths, know your rights, and THRIVE!

Did you know people affected by ADHD are more likely to be creative and curious about the world around them? But not every environment is provides what they need to be successful. We have a listing of resources that can help you achieve your goals.