Promoting Connection, Community, and Compassion: TAASG

Mark Katz, PhD

 Attention Magazine October 2021

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The Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group, or TAASG, has dedicated itself to serving the needs of adults with ADHD for over twenty-five years. Through its impressive ongoing speaker series, participants have enjoyed access to leading experts in the field—Ned Hallowell, John Ratey, and Ari Tuckman, to name just a few. Since presentations are now being held via Zoom, people can attend from anywhere in the United States and beyond. All these talks are held free of charge; a list of upcoming speakers is available at

Wayne O’Brien, who himself experiences ADHD and related challenges, is among the originators of the group. He is quick to mention that TAASG goes well beyond offering current information on ADHD and executive functions. TAASG is also dedicated to helping adults with ADHD gain access to tools and resources that can improve their quality of life. Through the guidance of O’Brien and his colleagues, participants can start a meditation practice, join a small adult ADHD accountability group, and access a host of courses.

Among these courses is a twelve-week program focusing on the book ADD Stole My Keys, by Rick Green and Umesh Jain, MD. Limited to fifteen adults with ADHD, the course reviews practical strategies and tools discussed in the book. The meetings are two hours and fifteen minutes in length, and the course fee is $99.

Weekly topics include the following:

Week 1

Common Beliefs ADHD People Share
Week 2

Signs from Childhood
Week 3

Common Behaviours in ADDers
Week 4

Common Misbehaviours
Week 5

Signs of Inattention in Adults
Week 6

Signs of Hyperactivity and Impulsivity
Week 7

Disorders That Resemble or Combine With ADHD
Week 8

Familiar Frustrations of ADHD Adults
Week 9

Familiar Complaints of the ADDer’s Family
Week 10

Ways ADHD Impacts Work and Finances
Week 11

Ways of Unconsciously Coping
Week 12

Amazing, Unexpected, Sometimes Hidden, Often Underappreciated Strengths of ADHD Adults

TAASG also provides a course on compassion, an evidence-based course on wellness, and a course on cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with ADHD. All of these courses are peer-led.

Three common themes run through TAASG programs: connection, community, and compassion. O’Brien believes strongly in human connection, and he and his team work hard to provide an array of compassionate services designed to help people affected by ADHD to connect with one another and to feel a sense of community and belonging. Along with these efforts, he and his team help to foster a sense of accountability among adults with ADHD, providing tools and resources that can help them execute tasks more consistently.

TAASG’s vision now extends well beyond the city of Toronto: They seek to empower the global community of adults who have ADHD with genuine compassion and connection through peer-led online support groups and practical courses. If you are interested in learning more about TAASG programs and services, go to You can also contact Wayne O’Brien directly at 416.566.3972 or

Mark KatzA clinical and consulting psychologist, Mark Katz, PhD, is the director of Learning Development Services, an educational, psychological, and neuropsychological center in San Diego, California. As a contributing editor to Attention magazine, he writes the Promising Practices column and serves on the editorial advisory board. He is also a former member of CHADD’s professional advisory board and a recipient of the CHADD Hall of Fame Award.